The Revitalization Project

The West Coast’s New Sports and Entertainment Destination

Not too long ago Inglewood was the sports capital of Southern California, playing host to the Lakers, the Kings and Hollywood Park racetrack. That brought enormous benefits to our economy and international prestige to our city.

Inglewood can again become a regional hub for sports and entertainment with the construction of a world-class stadium that can support a wide range of events, including soccer and football.

Through the City of Champions Revitalization Initiative, we the voters of Inglewood have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a vibrant new city center complete with:

  • stadium and performance venue
  • restaurants
  • retail shops
  • entertainment attractions
  • commercial businesses
  • public parks and art exhibits
  • residential space

Specifically, the 298-acre project will be able to house an 80,000-seat stadium as well as a smaller indoor entertainment venue with seating for approximately 6,000 people, while reconfiguring the previously-approved Hollywood Park plan to allow for 890,000 square feet of retail, 780,000 square feet of office space, a hotel of up to 300 rooms, up to 2,500 new residential units, and approximately 25 acres of public parks, open space and pedestrian and bicycle access.

No Cost to Taxpayers

No tax dollars or public funding will be used for the construction of the City of Champions Revitalization Project, including the new stadium. Indeed, the revised project is expected to create a long-term revenue source for the City of Inglewood that is substantially larger than estimates from the prior plan.

Thousands of New Jobs

The project will create thousands of new construction and permanent jobs in Inglewood. Hiring preference fro stadium jobs will be given to local residents, with a goal of hiring at least 35% from the community. The new project will provide job-training programs and local job fairs to prepare Inglewood residents for these exciting new employment opportunities.

Tens of Millions in New City Revenues Each Year

The city’s general fund is expected to receive tens of millions in revenue annually from the City of Champions Revitalization Project once the stadium is in operation. Those funds can help balance the budget, improve and expand city services, and enhance public safety. Revenues from the project will also fund new after-school activities, such as mentoring and anti-gang programs.

Hundreds of Millions in New Economic Activity

The new sports and entertainment hub for the greater L.A. region is expected to generate hundreds of millions in new annual economic activity for Inglewood as new attractions drive tourism, benefiting local businesses and securing a revitalized future and financial prosperity for the entire city.

Revitalizing The City of Champions

This project will transform underutilized asphalt lots and the former racetrack into a vibrant mixed-use community for all of Inglewood.

The project will also include over 25 acres of new parks, playgrounds, public art exhibits and recreation areas. The world-class, energy efficient stadium will also host local community events such as high school football and soccer games, and graduations.

The City of Champions Revitalization Project includes significant public infrastructure improvements, such as modernizing traffic systems, upgrading streets and creating new public parks. All public improvement costs will be paid in advance by the project developers. Any reimbursements for public infrastructure improvement costs will not be permitted until after the city first receives $25 million in tax revenues from the project each year, and only dollars in excess of $25 million may be used for reimbursements.

Please Join Us in Building a Brighter Future for Inglewood

As voters of Inglewood, we have the opportunity to seize this chance to create thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in new economic activity for our city. To learn more about the project, and to sign up in support of the initiative, please join us, email us at, or call us at 424-205-1830

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