Incubus at the Fabulous Forum

It may or may not make you feel old to hear this, but Incubus, the local Calabasas band that hit it big in the late nineties and continued with mainstream success during the post-grunge era of the oughts, is now hitting the road in its TWENTIETH year with a new album.  The band sat down recently with Entertainment Weekly to play Super Smash Bros (an updated version of a period-appropriate cult classic game) to talk about their tour with the Deftones, the new album and more.  While they’ve admittedly had their rough patches, the world’s biggest little band is going strong with lots of new music and projects on the horizon.

Catch Incubus at the Fabulous Forum on August 28th. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re giving away a couple of pairs of tickets to the show, including VIP passes.  Check out our Instagram feed to participate now!