Who’s Into Dope?

Fresh from a wildly successful debut at Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker and Inglewood native Rick Famuyiwa’s much-acclaimed Dope hit theaters last month roping in over $2.37 million over opening weekend.

Dope is essentially a coming-of-age story that follows the adventures of a motley crew of geeky, 90’s nostalgic teens in Inglewood.  The protagonist, Malcolm (who rocks a Kid and Play flat top) and his crew of friends start their misadventures by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Billed as a Geek’s Guide to Growing Up in Inglewood, what sets Dope apart is the diversity of its cast and the fact that filmmaker Famuyiwa gives voice to a generation of kids who are growing up as he did; kids of middle class African American families, dealing with stereotypes about African American culture, forging their identities in the face of social bias.  It’s like Super Bad with a side of Go served up in Inglewood with pop culture references, hip hop moments, and bitcoins.

Reviews have been both amazing and lackluster.  On one hand, the Daily Beast reported, Dope is the real deal; a kinetic blast of hip-hop, bitcoins, and teenage swagger that is nothing short of intoxicating.”  On the other, the Los Angeles Times said that “Dope is, in the end, just another unfunny grab bag of stereotypes. Don’t believe the hype.”

Catch Dope in one of 2,002 theaters nationally and see for yourself.